Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

What is free to give, where there is no end to the supply?
Random Acts of Kindness.


What qualifies as a "Random Act of Kindness"?

There are many actions that can be 
Random Acts of Kindness!


Here are a few ideas 
to help you get started on your own path 
to contributing to the world with 
Random Acts of Kindness:

Listening to someone who needs a person to talk to and not
paying attention to how much time you are spending, before they are finished talking.

Asking someone if they could use some help with something in their life that is difficult for them to accomplish, on their own.  This could be helping them unload their groceries, preparing a meal, folding their laundry, or checking on them regularly.

Paying attention to the people around you and noticing when they are not as happy as usual or having a difficult day, then offering your time to listen and/or support.

Surprising someone, unexpectedly, with something you know they would love (that does not have to cost money). Usually, all it takes is a little creativity and a few minutes of your time. This could be as simple as getting something for them while you are up, or going that way, to surprising them with something like a blanket, warm cup of coffee, or retrieving the mail for them.

Doing the unexpected simply by making an extra batch of cookies or doubling a meal recipe, then delivering it to them when it is convenient to you.  They will be shocked, surprised, and happy to have the relief of having something homemade that they did not have to dream up and prepare themselves.  The thought of that kind act, will resonate long into the future.

These are but a few examples of Random Acts of Kindness, but I am sure you can come up with your own unique ideas that easily fit into your normal everyday life.  

Notice that the examples that I gave all begin with an action word:  Listening, acting, paying attention, surprising, and doing the unexpected.  

What can you think of that would qualify as a 
Random Act of Kindness? 

Please comment below 
so that we can share our ideas and pass on the good 
to the people who need it the most.

Improve the quality of someones day 
simply by acknowledging them with eye contact 
and smiling.

Talk to you soon!
~Kim Franklin-Magana

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